H2/NG powered co-generators

A Co-Generation system is a system to supply electricity by driving a generator with a H2/NG engine and at the same time utilizing the heat recovered from exhaust gas and jacket cooling water for the purpose of air-conditioning (cooling and heating) and hot water supply. It not only contributes to saving of electricity and fuel expenses by effective use of energy but also helps power supply and air-conditioning at emergency.


Specifications (typical)

Type of EngineRENESIS Rotary Engine, n/a
Revolution Speed4500/3600 rpm
Type of Generator3-phase (Single-phase), Synchronous Generator - variable speed generator on request
Generator Output45/36kw (Propane gas)
41/34kw (City gas 13A
Voltage230/380 (220/110)V
Heat Recovery70,000kcal/h (Engine jacket + Exhaust gas heat exchange)
ControlSingle board computer comprising Revolution speed control, AVR, Monitoring of status, and Indicator functions
AccuracyStable condition: 60Hz±0.2% or 50Hz±0.2%,Full load condition: 60Hz±5% or 50Hz±5%
WeightTargeted at 950kg (3-phase specifications)



Epoch-making CGS unit: Compact, Space-Saving, Low Vibration, and Low Noise
Highly reliable Rotary Engine (20,000 hours continuous operation without overhaul)
Control circuit of SBC (single board computer) assures the same quality as commercial power supply.